Designing an Escape Room to educate young lawyers

Designing an Escape Room to educate young lawyers

Julien Luscuere
Jul 15

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An escape room is a location from which you and your fellow players have to escape by solving puzzles, riddles and games. Y/OUR LAWYER wants to develop an escape room where you not only have the same exciting game experience, but can also learn from it.

The best way to learn.

  • Your role: lawyer.
  • The reason: you have an immigrantion pick-up.
  • Your client: a migrant worker from Eastern Europe.
  • Your mission: free your client from prison.

Law students

First, we want to focus on law students who have to crack a complicated case about their incarcerated client. Along the way they learn all about the legal elements, assisting a client who is stuck and the practical problems you may encounter.


Setting up an escape room is not something you just do. It is important that the participants feel that they are locked in a room that is made for the adventure they are about to embark on. The room, objects and effects must be realistic so that the participants can empathize with their role. The challenges must be well tested and balanced. All this takes time and money. Because Y/OUR LAWYER is not for profit, we will have to be creative, but if we succeed, the result will be great.

Scenario: In custody!

In the first escape room, the participants act as lawyers to guide a migrant worker who is being detained. The immigrant claims to be a Union citizen but cannot properly own his identity and nationality. After visiting the police station, they go to his room to look for the passport. In detail, the lawyers have to go to the embassy for a statement that the identity document is genuine. They will appeal to the court and argue the case in court. Will that end well or will they have to appeal? The adventure ends with a closed conversation with the client. Did they get him out? This turbulent case based on true events from the practice of Julien Luscuere.


If we succeed in developing and operating this escape room for students, then we can expand it to other target groups: social workers and migrant workers themselves. Let them experience in an adventure how the Netherlands can help them!


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