Jul 17

How do we provide top-quality legal aid to all residents of Rotterdam? How can we ensure that injustices and wrongdoings are tackled collectively? How do we allow graduates to start a career as socially engaged lawyers and continue this important work in the future?

Freedom and synergy

Y/OUR LAWYER aims to combine the setup, freedom, and energy of flex offices and tech hubs into a shared mission and objective of its co-workers. Not because others desire or impose it, but because they enjoy what they can do together and pursue change.

The space

Y/OUR LAWYER literally and figuratively offers room to students, graduates, lawyers, other professionals, and retirees. In the open office of Y/OUR LAWYER, they can do their regular work, realize their own ambitions and tasks, and build a network. On top of that, they can add value to what other co-workers do. To make that possible without thresholds, Y/OUR LAWYER offers flexible workspaces and facilities without asking for rent. All we ask is your collegiality, ideas, criticism, and a little of your time to connect with co-workers of Y/OUR LAWYER and consider together what could be improved.


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