Siham Benali


Siham Benali started as an attorney at law in June 2022 at Julien Luscuere Advocatuur B.V. Siham represents clients in the field of (general) administrative law, immigration law and social security law. Her working method is characterized by a thorough and personal approach in which the rights of her client are of great importance.

'‘Julien Luscuere Advocatuur offers me the opportunity not only to provide excellent legal assistance, but I can also make an important innovative contribution to Y/OURLAWYER: the pilot of Julien Luscuere to offer (prospective) legal professionals a workplace in the heart of Rotterdam . At Y/OURLAWYER, knowledge and ideas are shared, which has already resulted in a number of great projects, such as the pilot for work students and the infographics project, to inform legal seekers about their rights when seeking legal aid.'.'

After studying at the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam, Siham developed herself in immigration law as a decision officer at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). Because she likes to work from a more personal interest of the client, she switched to the legal profession after a year. Siham will continue to focus on the legal position of migrant workers, and the areas of law that affect them, such as labor law, migration law and social security law.