Roushan Hausil

Case Manager

Roushan's academic pursuit began at ROC Amsterdam, College Amstelland, where he completed an accelerated two-year MBO training in Legal-administrative services. With his MBO study successfully concluded, Roushan ventured into higher education at Inholland University, achieving a propedeuse in Law. Roushan's commitment to understanding the complexities of law is taking him to Erasmus University, where he will start his bachelor’s.

Roushan's genuine dedication revolves around being a dependable presence for individuals in need of legal support. His intention is to offer meaningful assistance where it matters most

Roushan's introduction to the legal field was through an enriching experience at Julien Luscuere Advocaten. Starting as an intern in February 2022, Roushan gained firsthand insights into the operations of a law practice. Witnessing the intricacies of providing effective client support and grasping the essence of social legal aid, where the focus is on meaningful impact rather than monetary gain, has profoundly influenced Roushan's perspective. Since joining the team as a case manager in August 2022, Roushan's professional journey has continued to flourish. Applying his knowledge and skills, he has positively impacted the cases he handles.