Julien Luscuere


Julien Luscuere is an attorney-at-law with more than 20 years of experience in migration law. Having worked on several challenging cases over the years, Julien has an in-depth understanding of how the courts and immigration department work both within the Netherlands as well as at a European level. Julien is known to be non-conformist, creative and very persistent in his work.

'I embrace unprecedented, challenging cases to find a successful and swift solution for my clients'.

Julien is currently a member of the Specialists Association of Migration Lawyers where he has previously served as the Chairman (2012-2021). Julien has also served as the former secretary of the Netherlands Migration Law Foundation (2014-2021). Additionally, Julien has worked with several immigration lawyers in the Netherlands at various capacities and law firms over the past 20 years. Today, Julien likes to solve challenging cases for expats and companies that are dedicated to ensuring the success of their international employees.