Besra Avci

Professional Support Lawyer

While studying law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I wanted to gain practical experience. What does the professional practice of a lawyer look like? What does a client intake look like? How does an objection procedure work? These were some of my learning objectives. Moreover, I wanted to immerse myself in migration law.

I felt welcome and was given the confidence to show my talents 

I gained a lot of basic knowledge of migration law, learned how the IND works and what opportunities there are to settle in the Netherlands from abroad. The firm's small team made me feel welcome and gave me the confidence to work independently and gain file knowledge. As a tip for prospective interns, I would say that you should take the initiative and be eager to learn. With that attitude, Julien Luscuere Attorneys at law gives you all the space you need to fully develop. After my internship at Julien Luscuere attorneys at law, I will study for six months at Istanbul University at the law faculty, where I will take various subjects such as international immigration law, public and private international law and European competition law.