Y/OUR LAWYER Infographics

Y/OUR LAWYER Infographics

Roushan Hausil
Jul 15

Right to legal aid with world record number of language versions

Clear information about your rights and actions is very important in order to work optimally in society. For many people it is difficult to find the right information. We want to use infographics to make important topics accessible to everyone in their our own language.

Rules and situations explained in pictures

Non-Dutch citizens have access to these rights, but often do not know this. Information about subsidized legal aid can only be found in Dutch. To show the authorities that this has to change, Y/OUR LAWYER wants to break the world record for "language versions of one information film". Submit your translation!

Importance of legal aid

In the Netherlands, the Juridisch Loket and the Council for Legal Aid are responsible for making legal advice and assistance available to people who cannot fully pay for it themselves. This is important because wrongdoings can then be resolved. People feel involved in a society that is also committed to their interests. And by providing help, authorities can also better see what goes wrong more often..

Unfortunately, all information that the government provides about legal aid can only be found in Dutch. And that information is not always understandable, even in Dutch, let alone when Google Translate has to translate it.


This way you can search endlessly whether you are entitled to a subsidy as a non-Dutch citizen. Many people think not, and the authorities do nothing to clear up that misunderstanding. I have pointed this out to them several times over the years to no avail. Apparently they don't think this group of 1.5 million non-native speakers is important enough.

To prove that this can be done differently, we are now making our own infographic about funded legal aid. We point out the possibilities, misunderstandings and the concrete next steps.


The basic version has about 900 words and is in Dutch. We are already preparing an English, Berber-Moroccan, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese version. But to show that a translation really doesn't have to take that much effort, we want to record the animation in as many languages as possible and thus convince the government that language matters. We're going to break the world record and make the infographic available in over 200 languages. Not only in the world languages, but also in regional languages, such as Frisian and Limburg, dialects such as Drents and Zeeland, and even city language such as Rottûrdams.

Help us!

Are you fluent in one or more languages other than the above? Contact us. We will send you the text. You can also leave a message via your telephone (make sure to record in a quiet environment). Of course you will receive an honorable mention on the website and in the film before it!


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